Embrace The Change: Peri to Meno Wellness Workshop - The Soap Coach

Embrace The Change: Peri to Meno Wellness Workshop


Saturday 14th October 1pm til 3.30pm  spaces

Blending wellness and creativity for women aged 40+, I am excited to introduce our guest expert for this brand new workshop. Meet Rowena Gledhill, a certified reflexologist specializing in women's wellness, from fertility to post menopause. Discover more about her at weymouthbayreflexology.co.uk.

Join us for a unique workshop where we combine my expertise in product making with Rowena's extensive knowledge in women's health and wellness. This workshop is specially designed for those of you in the peri to post menopause stage and beyond.

Explore the world of wellness and creating as we dive into luxury product making for the Third Age. You'll gain practical tips and insights to support your well-being during this transformative phase of life. Rowena will provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to your needs, I am on hand to guide you in the use of selected essential oils, how to choose and use your personal blend and make two delicious products to take home.

This is a 3 part workshop where we will cover the following.

Part 1 Rowena will outline what is the peri to menopause phase, and what you might expect to experience during this stage. She will also give you some ideas about how to transition through the change without hating or fearing it!

Part 2 You will then learn how to make your own rejuvenating skin balm using a combination of natural butters and oils including a beautiful wild rose oilwhich is renowned for the benefits it brings to your skin followed by a luxury facial oil using a variety of ingredients including sea buckthorn seed oil which is packed with antioxidants. We will also be using high quality essential oils that support you in this stage of your life. 

Part 3 We finish the session learning how to do a DIY hand reflexology routine using your balm that you can do at home at any time and Rowena will also be showing us how to give ourselves a mini facial with our luxury facial oil.

You will leave us feeling relaxed and equipped to repeat it all again at home plus every participant will receive a bar of gorgeous hand made soap.