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Teens & Tweens School Holiday DIY Shower/Bath/Skincare Workshops

New for the summer holidays of 2023 are my teens and tweens workshops.

With the emphasis on having fun and making your own natural products but with a teeny bit of learning thrown in for good measure, these workshops are for aged 11 plus. It is the first time I have run them so it will be a learning curve for me too but I will be starting off with just 4 attendees so I am able to give my attention to everyone.

How it works.

These are for 11 plus but I do appreciate that confidence and abilities vary greatly between individuals so flexibility is the name of the game. Making products is a little like baking and does involve following a recipe and being able to weigh accurately plus listening carefully at times. I have not set an upper limit as I know there are plenty of 14/15 year olds out there who would love this too. Over 16? Why not get a group of 3 /4/5 friends together and book a private class? I would love to see you.

You are more than welcome to come along with your child, if you would like to make products too you will need to book a paying space. If you are coming along as company for your son/daughter there is no charge and I am sure I can rustle up a tea or coffee too :)

After booking you will receive a download with a request to drop me a quick email giving me a few details for safeguarding and to make sure your child is kept safe and well whilst in my care. The usual information,  allergies/emergency contact details etc and also if you are accompanying your child as a helper (so I can make sure I have enough seating)

If you have any questions at all please do drop me an email to hello@thesoapcoach.co.uk Keri

Cancellation policy can be found here. 

U18 Safeguarding policy can be found here.

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