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10 Compelling Reasons to Make Soap

Is it time to learn a new skill, unleash your inner creativity, cut plastic use, become more eco-friendly and give the BEST home made gifts? You bet it is! Soap Making is the New Baking. You heard it here first.

Still on the fence? Sign up and grab my free download '10 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Soap' and to be kept in the soap loop but first just one word of warning...

Soap Making is Seriously Addictive

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5 Essential Oil Blends that Last

Very much the nemesis of the soap making world - finding essential oils that stand the test of time and haven't disappeared by the time your soap has cured.

Here are 5 of my tried and tested blends. I have done the hard work for you so you don't have to.

Send me the blends.

Stand Out From The Crowd and Make More Sales

'To sell more products I need to create more product lines.

'Or to put it another way,' I am not selling much so if I create more products I will sell more' This is a common misconception but to sell more products you need more customers, not more product lines.

Makes sense? This is the first step to getting more customers. My eBook 'How to Stand Out in The Crowd SO You Can Sell More Of Your Soap and Skincare Products with Less Effort' A must have for all soap and skin care business owners.

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A quick word about me

My name is Keri and I am the face behind The Soap Coach. I am a soap geek through and through , an award winning soap maker and also the face behind my product based business The Dog and I. I am also on a mission to create a nation of soap makers AND successful soap and skincare business owners thereby ditching the plastic and reducing the use of chemicals in our bathrooms. Why? Well partly because the plastic waste we create absolutely horrifies me but also quite by accident I discovered that I love teaching others how to make soap, have met some incredible and amazing people along the way and as an added bonus am pretty good at it too. What can you expect from me? Helpful, enthusiastic and friendly service and don't worry, there really is no such thing as a silly question. Looking forward to helping you soon. ☺️