Hey budding soap maker.

Do you want to....

Create, beautiful, natural and moisturising soaps laden with plant based butters and oils.?

Ditch the chemicals in your skincare products?

Cut down on plastic use in your bathroom?

Know exactly what goes in to the products you are using?

Wow your friends and family with beautiful, hand made gifts?

Find a new creative outlet that is both practical and productive?

Yes, yes, yes! I need this course.

👇 Imagine if you could make your own soaps just like these? 👇

And yes, they are all easily achieved once you have nailed the basics.

I can't wait to make soap. Tell me how.

No matter where you live or what your circumstances, my online course is the perfect solution. Step by step videos, a beautifully illustrated eBook and it goes without saying that support is available if you need it.

I would love to make my own soap but I have some questions first.

I completely understand . The internet has so much conflicting information it is easy to become completely overwhelmed to the point where you just do not know where to start.

These are some of the most common concerns raised.

Q Does soap making not need lots of specialist equipment.

A No, you will need plastic kitchen jugs, a silicone spatula, weighing scales, gloves & goggles, something to use as a mould and your raw material which can be as basic as coconut oil, sodium hydroxide aka lye ( buy online or at a hardware store) and water. You may need to buy a handheld blender and a digital thermometer.

Q I have heard lye is really dangerous to use. I am not sure I want to risk it.

A Lye is caustic and a little care is needed but as long as you follow my instructions, take care and make sure you are wearing your gloves and goggles it is perfectly safe to use and all soap is made with lye.

Q I am no good at maths and science. I don't think I can do it.

A As long as you can weigh accurately and follow instructions you can make soap. I do cover the science bit but I keep it simple and dare I say it is quite interesting. 😉

Q Do I have to use palm oil? It seems to be in all soaps.

A Absolutely not. I do not use it at all.

Q Is some vegan?

A Yes my core recipe is entirely plant based as are the colours and fragrances that I use.

Q Is there any after care or support?

A Yes , I am all about ensuring you get that first batch of soap nailed. I have a wonderful student facebook group where I am on hand to answer questions and the other students are super supportive and helpful too.

Q Can I learn online?

A Yes yes yes. I have taught so many people on line successfully now with amazing feedback. There are various options including pre recorded and live Zoom classes. Just check out my reviews under each learning option to see what previous students thought.

Q There are so many soap making resources online why should I take a course?

A There are so many reasons. Too many to list here but I have a really helpful blog about that very subject HERE

A quick word about me

My name is Keri and I am the face behind The Soap Coach. I am a soap geek through and through , an award winning soap maker and also the face behind my product based business The Dog and I. I am also on a mission to create a nation of soap makers, ditching the plastic and reducing the use of chemicals in our bathrooms. Why? Well partly because the plastic waste we create absolutely horrifies me but also quite by accident I discovered that I love teaching others how to make soap, have met some incredible and amazing people along the way and as an added bonus am pretty good at it too. What can you expect from me? Helpful, enthusiastic and friendly service and don't worry, there really is no such thing as a silly question. Looking forward to helping you learn to make soap soon. ☺️