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Pick My Brains Soap Coaching Session

A Zoom call tailor made to suit you and answer all your soap making questions FAST.

Choose from 30 mins, 1 hour or 2 hour session depending on what you need to achieve. (If you would like to make soap with me demonstrating and talking you through the process step by step you will need to book 2 hours)

If you have started learning to make soap and are full of questions to take your skills further but are short on time this is the perfect short cut for you. I know full well, from personal experience, that Google is full of websites, forums, blogs etc about soap making and it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of conflicting information. 

It is true to say, there is more than one way to skin a cat. (Metaphorically of course). Equally there is more than one way to make, colour, design, personalise soap but sometimes it is easier just to have someone say, right - do it THIS way, use this, avoid that etc etc. ie nail the process first and then build upon your knowledge.

Equally, you have started on the basics and you are itching to delve in to more complex techniques or are considering starting to sell your soap and confused about the legislation I can help.

Not plucked up the courage to dive in and make your first batch yet? No problem, if you are able to get everything in ready to go but just don't want to go it alone you can book your Zoom specifically for me to talk you through making your soap step by step as you go - long distance learning at it's very best.

Your time with me is designed to cover exactly what YOU need right now. Time is such a precious resource and buying time to save time in the long run is one of the best things you can so. By purchasing an hour with me you can save yourself many hours of time in the long run. Hours that can be better spent making soap, building a business or simply with friends and family ( or how about making soap for friend and family?) 

How does it work and how do I book??

Purchase your required time scale, once confirmed come back to this page and book your appointment via my calender using the link below.


Book an appointment with The Soap Coach Limited using Setmore

Once a date is booked you will receive an email with your Zoom invite on the next working day. 

What is Zoom? This is a video conferencing facility so we can chat face to face, I can screen share if I need to show you how to do anything online. Your link will be all you need to access the meeting and you can use either a laptop or mobile phone. It is super easy to use so please do not be put off by the prospect of technology.

How do I plan for it?

The sole purpose of these sessions is to help you save time and leapfrog from one level to the next with minimal effort. Life is stressful enough without spending hours trawling the internet trying to find the answer to questions, wondering what is the right information and what is not. So with that in mind I suggest you come armed with a list of questions, and we can cover a lot of questions in that time so if you have 50 questions - great - bring them all and I will do my absolute best to get through the all. 


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