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How easy is it to make soap

If I said you could whip up a batch of soap that would last you for months in less than an hour would you believe me? Well the reality is you can do just that.

Soap making has a mystery surrounding it and many people are overwhelmed at the volume of information available to them when they first start looking at how to make soap. I completely understand this and in fact many of my students come away from my workshops saying they had no idea the process was so technical. However lets have a look at a few of the facts first.

Soap making does not need a ton of special ingredients or equipment.

Soap making is not dangerous (just a little common sense and some safety equipment required)

Soap making is not expensive.

Soap making does not need a lot of space.

Soap making can be incredibly creative and it makes a beautiful gift.

Soap making does come with one warning. It is highly addictive. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Have I got your attention?

The Soap Coach naturally coloured soap

If I told you you could make virtually all the soap colourways you see in the picture above with ingredients you can find in your kitchen would you like to know more? 

It is fair to say you will need a key pieces of equipment, gloves, goggles, weighing scales, hand blender and digital thermometer being the main ones. Otherwise much of what you will need can be found in your kitchen. Plastic jugs, silicone spatula and something to use as a mould. Silicone cake cases are perfect but equally you can use a cardboard box lined with greaseproof paper. 

Ingredients wise - you can keep this super simple, in my live and interactive soap making tutorialsI have stripped the process right down to just coconut oil, sodium hydroxide and water. Additional colour and fragrance are entirely optional. 

Whilst I recognise there are a lot of soap making resources online there really is very little to help you learn soap making from scratch as a beginner in a format which is easy to understand and does not blind you with science. Additionally many of those resources are from the US and they have different rules around some aspects than we do here in the EU/UK (for those of you in my neck of the woods)

This is exactly why I started The Soap Coach, teaching and coaching on all things soap, taking away the overwhelm, answering all those technical soap making questions, saving you hours of research and actually getting you in a position to take action and make that first batch of soap.

If you still need to be convinced then take a look at some of my other blogs. 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Soap is a great place to start.

If you would like a little more information on the soap making methods that are open to you then check out my other blogs about Cold Process Soap Making and Hot Process Soap Making.

If you are just not sure or want to find out more about soap making in general just browse the topics covered in the blog many of which are written to really try and take some of the overwhelm out of learning how to make soap.


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