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The Soap Makers Business Growth Journal (INSTANT DOWNLOAD PDF)

The Soap Makers Business Growth Journal: A Journal for Soap Makers Wanting to Grow Their Hand Made Soap Business To The Next Level With Prompts To Get You REALLY Thinking.

Is this you?

*Lately, your handmade soap business has been plateauing
*Your excitement is at an all time low and you are unsure about your next steps
*You find that you are more receptive to shiny objects and get distracted easily
*Everything seems foggy - you need clarity NOW! You are not even sure a soap business can be profitable.
*Accountability buddies and coaches are nice, but you need more! You want a better system for yourself to make strategic plans to reach your big goals and actually follow through with them.
*You don’t take enough time for reflection so you keep making business mistakes
*You are working hard on to bring in new revenue but there are so many holes where your soap business is leaving money on the table and is bleeding profitability
*You want to get better at managing yourself, your emotions and focus

Then this journal is right for you! It will help you to:

*Get unstuck and bring your soap business back to growth
*Ask yourself the right questions and identify the right answers
*Create a structure for weekly check ins and aligned planning
*Helps you to gain and retain clarity and focus
*See and leverage what’s working
*Reveal and eliminate what’s in the way of reaching your goals
*Dream, think and build bigger
*Unlock exactly what you want your business to do for you.
*Speed up the evolution from side hustle to successful soap business owner
*Your soap business can be profitable and be a fun and dynamic business. You just need to focus more on the business and less on the soap making and this journal is designed to help you with just that.

35 page with 30 prompts that will lead you to look at your soap business in a way you have not considered until now giving your clarity and focus for the year ahead.

Why the odd price? Blame the tax man - this is on sale on Etsy and they automatically add VAT and this is price matched on here.