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1 Soap Recipe, 8 Variations, 16 Ways eBook & video tutorials

1 Soap Recipe, 8 Variations, 16 Ways.

No ordinary eBook this is a fabulous follow up to my Soap Making Made Easy beginners eBook - with a unique twist.

Perfect if you are not a complete beginner but still would like some direction or a set of 8 soaps you can make without having to spend time and money trying to come up with your own recipes. (These are all variants that I have had cosmetically assessed so if you could very easily take them as your own and obtain the required assessments with minimum effort)

The theme remains the same - Soap Making Made Easy 

1 x 3 ingredient soap recipe

8 x variations on that soap recipe (colours and scent)

16 different soaps from those 8 variations and 1 basic recipe

The twist? This is no ordinary eBook but also a collection of 16 mini video tutorials of between 6 and 10 mins in length demonstrating exactly how to achieve each effect.

What am I trying to achieve? I want you to understand just how easy it is to create a wide range of different soaps without vast amounts of ingredients in your kitchen. Once you begin to think outside of the box you will realise that there are endless combinations with these 8 variations just by mixing and matching the designs across board. You could for example create all 8 varieties using just layers or just zebra stripes.

And the best bit - I have done all the groundwork for you. 8 essential oil combinations that last. Recommended colourants to achieve each look.


Access to this material is obtained via an email link which you will receive within a few minutes of purchase. You will be asked to create a password and you can then log on to access the materials. The link is unique to you and is yours to keep and access indefinitely. You can watch the videos again and again and of course, pause, rewind etc if you need to revisit anything. 

The course is hosted on Thinkific which is a well respected and secure learning resource.

Fancy a sneak peek?