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Soap Business Boot Camp BRONZE

The Bronze Package giving you all of the following. (UK ONLY)

Most resources out there tell you what you need to do but with no help about exactly HOW to do it all. This course shows you exactly how to do it all as well as busts some myths along the way. 

  • Obtain cosmetic assessments.
  • Upload your soaps to the UK cosmetic portal 
  • Create a Product Information File, what to include ( and what is not necessary) and how to organise it plus a template to help with this
  • Create a Good Manufacturing Practice Document and includes a template that you can amend to suit your own business
  • Labelling - what is needed, how to lay it out, a demo on how to design your own in Canva, 
  • Allergens - what you need to include,  detailed examples of how to calculate them and a nifty spreadsheet to help with the maths.
  • Dog and Pet Products - what is required under CLP legislation. (It does not tell you what you need to put on your labels as each product will vary depending on the ingredients and you will need to take advise from a company who does CLP authoring)

STEP BY STEP VIDEO INSTRUCTION ON EXACTLY HOW TO DO ALL THE ABOVE WITH DOCUMENT TEMPLATES WHERE RELEVANT- a game changer for getting it all done with the least stress and confusion. All videos are also available in a captioned format meaning the entire course is also perfect for the deaf or hard of hearing community. 

And a bonus chapter covering

  • Canva to create a logo, business cards, flyers and soap labels.

Watch the Sneak Peek video.  (this is for the silver and gold course, the bronze does not have all the business set up chapters, only the legislation compliance.)

PLUS access to a dedicated Facebook support group - fair use policy applies and I am unable to offer personal coaching, mentoring or business planning within the group but general questions,  support, advice, discussions are actively encouraged.

Who is it NOT for?

Anyone not in the UK. The rules around selling soap vary so much from country to country. Whilst the legislation we are governed by also applies to the EU I am also well aware that some EU countries have additional requirements such as manufacturing space away from domestic kitchens and I am not able to comment on these.

This Soap Business Boot Camp is not for beginner makers, I have other courses for learning to make products and it is not covered in this course at all. There is an expectation that you are a competent maker and ready to step it up to the next level.

What The Soap Business Boot Camp Bronze DOES do is shortcut the length of time it will take to get the legal aspects of your business done. No Google rabbit holes. Just clear instructions. You will still have to put the work in, I cannot do that for you and there will be days when you feel you are taking 1 step forward and 2 back. Starting any business is always a challenge but it is all doable.

Please note this is an online , work at your own speed, course with no live element.

Upon purchase you will receive an email with a link to log in to the platform the course is hosted on.

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