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Salt Soap Made Easy

Salt makes a beautiful bar of soap which is often advertised as a luxury spa bar, shaving soap, facial soap or exfoliating bar but it is very easy to make yourself.

This easy to follow Video/Ebook combo features an introduction to salt soaps, a beautifully illustrated EBook and 3 further videos showing you exactly how to make 

  • Ying and Yang Sea Salt Hearts
  • Pink Layered Slices with sea salt and pink himalayan salt
  • Simply Shaving Soap with fine sea salt

Course Objectives. 


At the end of this course you will be able to

Recognise what makes a salt soap

Identify the benefits of salt soap

State the impact of adding salt to your soap

List those salts that can be used and those that can’t

Have an understanding of suitable recipes that work best for salt soap

Describe the quirks of working with salt and high coconut oil soaps and how best to manage those

Understand the unique packaging problems that salt soaps can bring about

There is no time limit for working through. It is not a pass/fail course however upon completion of all the lessons you will receive a completion certificate. You will need to complete each module and mark it as finished

Minimum access period for 12 months.