Milk Soaps Made Easy - The Soap Coach

Milk Soaps Made Easy

Milk soaps are extremely popular, often command a higher price point and are fantastic on the skin yet making your own is within everyone's reach if you have a basic understanding of cold process soap making already.

This easy to follow Video/Ebook combo features an introduction to milk soaps, a beautifully illustrated EBook and 3 further videos showing you exactly how to make 

  • Honey, Oat and Goats milk loaf
  • Goats Milk pebbles
  • The Coconutty One - all about the coconuts with coconut oil and coconut milk.

Course Objectives. 

At the end of this course you will be able to -

Describe what milk soaps are and why they are beneficial.

Identify the best kinds of milk to use in your soap and what to look for when choosing.

Know how to use the milk and prevent it scorching.

Understand why using milk can change the colour of your soap.

How to control gel phase and maintain an even colour in your milk soap.

Explain why milk does not go rancid in soap.

There is no time limit for working through. It is not a pass/fail course however upon completion of all the lessons you will receive a completion certificate. You will need to complete each module and mark it as finished. 

Minimum access period for 12 months.