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Why Learn To Make Soap? A Behind The Scenes from My Facebook Group.

Have you ever thought about learning to make soap?

You're not alone! I asked members of my Soap Glorious Soap Facebook group why they started making soap, and their responses were diverse and inspiring.

Here are some of the reasons people gave for taking up soap making, unedited, the real deal !

  • I wanted a reason to keep goats!
  • I looked in my shower and couldn't believe how many plastic bottles were in there for a family of 4!!!! That's what made me look into making soap. I haven't bought shower gel since doing your course Keri. As for where it has lead me - I couldn't be happier. I now have a whole new natural skincare regime as well as a fledgling business selling natural body care products.
  • I have used goat's milk soap for a while now and when I bought some from a local business at a stall last summer I suddenly had the idea that maybe I could do a similar thing with milk from my sheep... Turned out it was entirely possible so I booked myself onto a soap making course and began product development! I've now jumped in at the deep end and handed in my notice at work it's certainly one way to get you motivated! Still planning to open for business in May after this year's lambing when I can start milking my own beautiful sheep couldn't be happier, and it's all down to finding Keri's blog!
  • Always wanted a hobby, now the kids grown up. I wanted to find a new venture, something that I can enjoy creating and sometimes when it’s going well feel proud of. I love soap making as it makes me feel happy and has so helped with mental health Couldn’t have done it without Keri and the soap suite, thank you 
  • After a nightmare of a house move I booked several craft workshops for some much needed 'me' time. Little did I know how addictive soap making would become! Shortly after my initial workshop with Keri I found out I am being made redundant in early summer this year after 21 years. I am awaiting my assessment back form MAF and have already booked craft markets from the beginning of May! Yikes! Six months ago soap was not on my radar, now I can't shut up about it. Love the eco side and have now also moved onto making shampoo bars. Love the creativity, something I couldn't express in my day job. Love the technical side, still keeps the grey cells working! Love the community of like minded soap-aholics
  • I’ve learned to add it to my range of canine cosmetics as a dog groomer!!!! Still new and learning but loving it! 
  • I started making soap just for our own use after a talk at our local beekeepers meeting from a soap maker and beekeeper! Fast forward a couple of years and it was inspired from husband's beekeeping business expanding that he asked me to make soap for him to sell. A meeting with Keri later and I decided it was way too complex to just make for him to sell.... so I did it for me too! I've taken over my eldest's bedroom (he's not allowed back from uni now) and it sits perfectly alongside my gardening business
  • I've been a Complementary Therapist for 20 years now, during that time I have made potions and lotions for my clients, children, dogs and cats. I decided to start a business making natural, zero waste skincare products, I'm hoping to launch them very soon. I came across Keri's soap making course which gave me the inspiration and encouragement to move this forward. Thank you Keri for sharing your valuable knowledge and teaching the world to make soap, it's certainly made a difference to me.
  • I started making soap in lockdown to cure my cracked dried skin. Now I don't even use a moisturiser, and I have a shed full of skin loving soaps. Being a pastry chef I love the creative side of blending essential oils and trying different ways of getting colour and patterns in my soap. It's like baking without the calories!!
  • I had been thinking of making soap and liquid soap, because we have a Septic tankCourses booked Covid hit. No courses for awhile and no soap in the shops. Made my first soaps during covid , bit scary when you first start, just learnt from books and internet I am sure if they did soap making at school ,there would be more interest in chemistry !
  • Learning how to make soap has been a complete game changer for me. As a youngster I was quite creative and artistic but 43 years in the IT field all but put a stop to that. However since learning soap making and starting my own soap business I have now left the IT job and am soooo much happier. Not bad for an oldie
  • I've always fancied soap making after reading John Seymour's book of Self sufficiently. I did have a go soon after and it turned out sort of okay, but the courses made it much less of a dark art and much more fun. Now I love how varied and colourful it can be.
  • I started making soap after attending a soap course between lockdowns. I really loved making them but didn't like the recipe used, the soap become soggy in the shower. I researched and researched until I found Keri's recipe. After purchasing it it took a while to build up my confidence to make. It was so easy and I can't believe it took me months to try. Now there's no stopping me

As you can see, people learn to make soap for a variety of reasons, whether it’s for practical, environmental, or creative purposes. And the beauty of soap making is that it can be a hobby, a business, or even a way to transition into a new career. I absolutely love how everyone has a different story and how it has even created new paths. Whatever your reason for starting, you’ll find a welcoming and supportive community of like-minded soap makers eager to help and share their knowledge. So why not give it a try? Come along and join my facebook group if you are not already in the there to get a feel for the community and if you are too far away for a hands on course  I can still teach you everything you need to know to get started inside The Mini Soap Suite. The Mini Soap Suite is a digital soap making club which will take you from a novice to a confident soap maker and provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make your own soap at home.
You can then continue to refine and improve your skills over time and create your own unique soaps that meet your specific needs and preferences.

It is also super affordable at just £5 per month. Hope to see you inside.

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