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Why Every Soap & Skincare Business Owner Should Build an Email List

The Power of Email Lists and Why Every Soap and Skincare Business Owner Should Have One.

This blog is a short version of a YouTube video that you can watch here. 

Today I'm diving into the topic of email lists. I know, for some of you, it might sound like a bit of a taboo subject and on the too difficult to do list but quite honestly no-one ever wishes they hadn't started one and if you do it properly it will be the best thing you have ever done.

Here's why you need an email list over social media.

  1. You're not at the mercy of social media algorithms

    • Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram constantly change their algorithms, making it challenging to reach your audience effectively.
    • With an email list, you have direct access to your subscribers without worrying about algorithm changes or declining reach.
  2. Higher open rates compared to social media reach

    • The percentage of people who open your emails far exceeds the reach you get on social media platforms.
    • For instance, my last The Dog and I email had an open rate of over 63%, while my social media post reached less than 4% of my followers.
  3. Identify your real customers

    • On social media, it's hard to distinguish between genuine customers and other businesses or competitors who follow you.
    • With an email list, you have a clearer picture of who your actual customers are, allowing for more targeted communication.
  4. Build the know, like, and trust factor

    • Email provides a great opportunity to share your story, updates, and special offers, helping you build rapport and trust with your audience.
    • People are more likely to buy from those they know, like, and trust, and email allows you to nurture these relationships effectively.
  5. Stay top of mind

    • Sending regular emails keeps you in front of your audience, ensuring they don't forget about you when they're ready to make a purchase.
    • Out of sight, out of mind—email helps you avoid this pitfall by maintaining consistent communication with your potential customers.

Setting up an email list doesn't have to be complicated. inside the Soap Suite I help my members with a walk through of how to do it but here's a quick overview:

  • Use a CRM system connected to your website to manage your email list efficiently. I use Mailerlite with both my businesses and it is free for up to 1000 subscribers.
  • Implement landing pages to capture email addresses from interested visitors. There are lots of You Tube videos about this.
  • Ensure compliance with data protection regulations by providing an option to unsubscribe. (Mailerlite has this built in)
  • Using a well know email marketing platform will make everything much simpler with user-friendly features and integrates with e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

So, if you've been on the fence about starting an email list, I hope this helps a little. Give it a try, and don't forget to share your success stories with me.


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