What to expect at a soap making workshop with The Soap Coach
What to expect at a soap making workshop with The Soap Coach

What is covered in a soap making class?

Is it ok to come on my own?

Do you cater for wheelchair users?

Can children come along?

Will I be able to make my own soap at home after attending a class?

Bit of an off the wall blog post this week but I get lots of questions about the hands on soap making workshops so it is a good opportunity to cover those burning issues and give you a bit more information along the way.

So lets kick off with the basics.

Classes are generally a maximum of 6 people. That is more than enough for me to keep a close eye on everyone and allows you to spend time deciding on colour, scent and design. At the present time due to Covid 19 I am restricting these to a maximum of 4 to allow plenty of space per person however I will take 6 if you are all together on a group booking (and in that scenario 1 of you goes free). There are a couple of situations when I can take up to 8, namely

  • If you are all one party and want to share 1 space between 2 people ( you will take home around half a kilo of soap each 
  • I am running a specific class where everyone is making the same soap - ie Christmas themed, salt soap, milk soap - essential oils and colours are pre determined for these.

We start with tea/coffee and then a quick intro and cover the order of play - the first 40 minutes or so is then generally spent with me talking about the equipment, safety aspects, the basics of ingredients, how different butters and oils create different types of soap. I then give you a short and sweet science lesson about how it all works - I promise that bit is not boring 😉 There may also be a bit of maths involved but you will be pleased to know you do not have to work any figures out. There are online calculators for all that!  It would be so easy for me to just say 'do this , this and this' but my aim is for you to have enough of an understanding to be able to go home and make soap without any disasters .

I then will start my  soap making demo which is interspersed with some practical preparation by you for your soaps. Along the way I also cover using natural colours and essential oils. If you are not taking a set class you will also be deciding on your colours and scents at this stage - quite honestly, that is the hardest part 😂 It would seem settling on a final choice is a challenge!

We break for tea and cake - got to be done before getting on to the full on hands on part of the class.

The last hour of the workshop is usually all go. It is when everything happens, you make your soaps and the magic happens and everyone is usually buzzing as it all comes together.

Hand Made Soap

Finally I will talk through cutting and curing your soaps ( you have to be patient for 4 weeks on this one!)

You then take your precious soaps home, often students will purchase some ingredients and equipment before they leave so they can make more at home - this is a really good idea as it does mean you can practice what you have learnt before you forget it. Don't worry however as everyone leaves with a set of printed instructions too.

Is it ok to come on my own?

Yes yes yes - in fact the vast majority of people do. I have found that everyone really enjoys the change of company and fresh conversation that new faces bring and it is a great way to really have a bit of time away from your usual circle.

Do you cater for wheelchair users?

Yes. The workshop is wheelchair accessible as and the WC is designed for wheelchairs. I am very happy to offer help and support where required. Alternatively you are welcome to bring along a friend to support you. 

Can children come along?

Unfortunately I am insured for over 18s only. This is due to soap making requiring the use of lye which is  caustic substance.

Will I be able to make my own soap at home after attending a class?

Yes! Virtually everyone who attends says they now feel they will be able to make soap at home. And what a skill that is to have. Support is also available within my facebook support group for those questions that I know you will have. Whilst there is a lot to learn my absolute aim is for you to learn enough to know and understand what you are doing and more importantly why (hence the science and maths bit). 

Do you take corporate groups? 

Yes but the group size remains the same - a maximum of 6 or 8 depending on what you are looking for. If you would like something soap related for more people then I can do a demo and cover the process in that way but with no practical involvement. 

If all this sounds right up your street you can book a group workshop directly through the website HERE.

If you are looking for a more bespoke group or one to one soap making workshop just drop me an email with your requirements and I will do my best to help. hello@thesoapcoach.co.uk


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30 July, 2021

Keri @ The Soap Coach

Hi Theresa, ahh I am UK based I am afraid but I do have online Zoom tutorials which you can book via the website.

30 July, 2021

Theresa Dorman

I’m looking forward to attending your class. Is it my area? Washington, DC.

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