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Great Wedding Favour Idea (Clue it has 4 letters 😆

Why soap makes great wedding favours  (and how I can help make it happen)

Yes it had to be soap didn't it, but with very good reason as we will see shortly. As I am somewhat obsessed, as you may have noticed, I am somewhat bias when it comes to the idea of giving your lovely wedding guests a unique bar of soap as a wedding favour, however, there are so many more benefits to the idea than you may have thought of.

  • Soap can be made in an almost infinite number of designs, colours and fragrance options making it the perfect product to personalise for your special day
  •  Soap is eco-friendly and can be used by everybody , male, female and children alike. The ultimate gift that everyone will love.
  • If you choose to make your own it will give you a legitimate opportunity to spend a morning or afternoon chilling out whilst also making your own special gifts. 
  • Wedding favours are a thank you gift to your guests and what better way to express your thanks than with personalised keepsakes? 
  • Your handmade soaps labels can be customised with monograms, names, or heartfelt messages. 
  • Each guest will feel special as they receive a unique gift that reflects your personality. If you are now sold on the idea what do you need to know about giving soap as a wedding favour. 

You love the idea of giving your guests soap as wedding favours, how do you go about it?

Being a teacher of all things soap I like to have these things done properly. What you may not be aware of is that soap, or any other cosmetic product for that matter, that is given to anyone other than close family and friends needs to be assessed by a cosmetic chemist, uploaded to a government portal and be compliant with various cosmetic regulations.

I say this as you may feel that all your wedding guests are your close friends and family and they probably are; however there are so many people with allergies that I highly recommend you err on the side of caution and obtain your soaps from a maker who has all the correct paperwork in place.  A legitimate professional soap maker will not mind you checking this at all.

 If you would like to make your own wedding favour soaps but this all sounds a little daunting it don't let this put you off as I have a magic wand and the ideal solution.

Why not book a 1 to 1 session with me and come along to my workshop in Poundbury where you can make your very own bespoke soapy wedding favours and learn all about the process as you go.

 Just let me know beforehand what your colour scheme is and your preferred type of scent and  and I can come up with some suggestions from my extensive range of chemist approved scents and colour combinations that will be perfect for your colour scheme.

 During our time together we can also design bespoke labels for your special day.

How does it work?

  • Soap needs to cure for a minimum of four weeks so you do need to plan ahead.  I suggest booking your session in for six or seven weeks prior to your wedding day to allow for delivery and to give you chance to label your soaps.

  •  Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements and  book my three hour one-to-one session. I can be flexible with days and times to suit you. In that time we can make up to 50 x 45 gram size wedding favours in two scent variations. If you need more,  additional batches are available in quantities of 25 soaps of one design or scent per batch for £30 making this a unique and affordable wedding favour option. We can make up to 100 soaps in a 3 hour session. If you need more just get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.
  • During the session we make your soaps and design your soap labels. Afterwards I will print and cut your labels then after 4 weeks you can collect your soap and labels ready to put together. I can also send your cured soap via a tracked service at cost price if you are not local to me. 
  • Costs - £150 for a 3 hours session and 50 x 45g soaps. Additional soaps can be made at £40 per batch of 25. Each batch will be of the same colour/fragrance combination. 

Ready to discuss further ? Just drop me an email or give me a ring on 07745 218403, I may not be available to take your call but do leave a message and I will call you back. 

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