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A day in the life of a small business owner

Ever wondered exactly what it would be like to work from home.
The option to stay in your PJ's, leisurely breakfasts. Time to have coffee with friends?

Well I thought a frank look at one of my days may be interesting, humorous and possibly even an eye opener!

A day in the life of my small business (hint very little of it involves making the products!) This was a real day for me.

7.15 am Reply to fb messages, emails etc whilst chivvying children along to get them out the door for school.
8.30 am Walk dogs
9.30 am More emails. Catch up with social media.
10.30 am Zoom call with a business coach (not normal for me but a massive bonus as part of an online business course I purchased. If you own a business and are a time limited mum and need to sort your mindset out I seriously recommend you look up Cori Javid, she has a couple of awesome podcasts specifically about taking action and being focussed and steps all business owners should take if they want to grow their businesses and not do more hours (hint - it does involve spending some money and investing in yourself and the business)
11.00 Made cologne, bottled but ran out of labels as I am rubbish at keeping track of that side of things. (making products also involves recording batch numbers of ingredients etc too so more admin)
12.00 Lunch - yay
12.30 Drive to town to drop microwave off at studio for soap making workshop on Sunday. Buy a few more bits and pieces needed for workshops.
2pm Start packing boxes for workshops - so much stuff to take!
2.45pm Phone call with another business about Christmas products
3pm Frantic hoovering downstairs to get rid of the dog hair. Shove a load of washing on.
3.15pm Kids home, make smoothies, have a quick chat
4pm Husband home, more quick chat
4.40pm More email replies, answering social media messages, berate the fact brexit is causing so much uncertainty with potential European distributor (Exciting though)
5.10 pm - now! Still have to finalise a few bits of admin! Will do that after dinner. And I have not made 1 bar of soap.
I actually do not know how I do it now I have put all that down in writing 🤣

I am sure many of you can identify with much of this. As a small business owner we wear so many hats and working from home inevitably means domestic stuff rears it's head too - the dishwasher always needs loading, or emptying, you realise halfway through the day your forgot to take anything out of the freezer for dinner - you know the kind of thing.

Would I have it any other way - actually yes I would - I have decided working away from home is the better option - hence next year I will be bringing you news of a move . Hoo bloody ray :)

If you would like to learn how to make your own soap why not consider one of my hands on Learn to Make Your Own Soap Workshops here in Dorset, you can find out more about those and other ways you can learn to make your own soap here

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