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5 good reasons to make soap

In today's busy world we are so wrapped up in our daily lives that rarely do we sit back and enjoy simple pleasures, quiet time, relaxation, the luxury of a bar of nourishing hand made soap and yet it is so important that we do.

Don't get me wrong, I am the world's worst offender when it comes to self care but I LOVE opening a fresh bar of soap, deciding what scent to use next, being impatient to use that lovely new scent or recipe but having to finish the one that is still in the shower. Those are all the sensory benefits but what about the practical reasons?

These are my top 5 reasons why handmade, natural soap is a must.

1. Reduce my use of plastic. This is really important to me. We now use soap in the shower, the cloakroom and the kitchen. Yes, it does mean soap dishes every where and maybe a little more cleaning but in a house of 4 the reduction in plastic use is significant.

2. Better for our skin, the majority of shower gels and hand washes are made from cheap detergents which are harsh and can irritate sensitive skins. In fact many of the detergents can also be found in household cleaners.

3 I no longer have to use moisturiser for much of the year. Handmade natural soap is rich in butters and oils and also naturally occurring glycerin which is a humectant. That means it draws moisture to your skin. Indirectly this means another plastic bottle saved.

4 Better for the environment in every way, hand made soap does not contain SLS, SLES and other harsh detergents which may harm aquatic life. Additionally handmade soap which is coloured and scented with natural products such as clays and essential oils is compostible. Although I will not be wasting my soap any time soon on the compost heap!

5 You can personalise your soap recipes to suit your skin type, or it's intending use. For example, a recipe high in coconut oil is deep cleaning, consider adding some scrubby pumice to make the perfect soap for gardeners/mechanics. Alternatively a recipe high in olive oil is very mild and gentle and perfect as a base for facial or baby soaps. 

I hope this will inspire you to make your own soaps. And why not sign up for my newsletter here to be the first to know when new courses and resources are available. And if you are already right on board then why not take a look at my hands on or on line soap making workshops and Soap Making Made Easy eBook here

The Soap Coach 5 reasons to make your own soap


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