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Live Beginner Hot Process Online Soap Making Tutorials

Learn to make natural, hot processed, handmade soap with The Soap Coach from the comfort of your own home with an informal, online group zoom class.

Lasting approximately 90 minutes you will be able to watch me explain the process and then demonstrate how to make a batch of soap from scratch as well as have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need to . And most importantly you are invited to join my students only facebook group where I am on hand to answer questions that may crop up when you make your own soap and invariably they will.

Hot process is the method I use to make my award winning dog soaps. It gives a rustic looking soap and is relatively simple to achieve with less potential difficulties than cold process soap making. It does have limitations however in that it is harder to create nice patterns and swirls of different colours.

Although I will be making dog soaps this process is the same regardless of the recipe and the dog soap recipe can easily be tweaked to make it more luxurious for humans.

The 90 minute beginner workshops explain absolutely everything you need to know to make that first batch of soap. I cover a little of the science (not boring I promise) equipment, some of the different butters and oils that can be used and how that impacts on your soap, health and safety ( slightly boring but vital!) I will also be talking about using natural colourants and essential oils in soap making.

Find out more about how it works in this video.

Upon purchase you will receive a pdf download with some brief details and an equipment and ingredients list. No items are sent to you through the post. (See below) I do not recommend you try and follow along at the same time but watch the tutorial and ask questions along the way so that you have a great understanding before you work through the process yourself. Think Jamie Oliver cooking demo and you will get my drift. In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make my dog soaps however the process is exactly the same for all soap recipes and I will include a recipe better suited to human skin.

Unfortunately I am unable to send out ingredient packs due to one of the ingredients (sodium hydroxide) being classed as dangerous goods and Royal Mail will not carry it. It is however readily available in DIY stores such as B & Q or via soap suppliers such as The Soap Kitchen. If you need more help with this please let me know. I have kept the ingredients used in the workshops to a minimum and often easily accessible in your own kitchen whilst still ensuring you can make a beautiful bar of soap.

You will receive your zoom invite link a couple of days before the day. Please double check you have input the correct email address to ensure you receive all the details.

To access the course you will need 

  • a computer/laptop/tablet/mobile phone with an up to date browser (ideally Google Chrome)
  • an email address
  • reliable internet connection

Classes will be a group zoom giving you the opportunity to learn from everyone else's questions too and interact with fellow soap lovers.

Video is not a requirement, you can turn your video and microphone off when entering the call if you do not want to be visible. I won't be offended I promise and you can still ask questions by typing in the chat.

Following on from the tutorial you will be able to access my private facebook support group where I will be on hand to offer any additional support you may need and answer questions. I also love it when you share your soap making pictures with the rest of us too.


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