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Melt and Pour Soap Making Kit - Pink Edition

Suitable for age 6 to 106 these kits are perfect as boredom busters or to make gifts for friends and family. (Mainland UK posting only)

Melt and pour soap is a pre made soap base which you can then customise with colour and fragrance to suit. Being pre made you don't have to worry about the science or caustic lye aspect as that has all been done for you.

These kits are perfect for making with children but please ensure they are supervised as a knife is needed to cut up your soap base and it will become very hot in the microwave.

Kits include (each kit will make 2 batches so ideal for 2 people to work together)

  • 1 x 1kg melt and pour shea butter soap base
  • 2 x 10ml essential oil blends (lavender/lime & bergamot/patchouli
  • 6 cell silicone heart shaped mould ( this kit will fill this twice with left overs)
  • disposable gloves x 2
  • dried flower petals and buds for decoration
  • vegetable glycerin
  • red cosmetic clay ( naturally derived - colour of finished soap may vary slightly from  batch to batch)
  • paper cups x 2 for mixing clay
  • example soap label
  • instruction leaflet
  • postage is included.

You will need to supply

  • a kitchen knife and chopping board
  • microwave (or saucepan with glass bowl and boiling water)
  • a microwaveable kitchen jug and clingfilm to cover (1 per person will be needed)
  • spoons
  • something additional as a mould for excess soap mix ( clean yoghurt pots or paper cases are brilliant)
  • packaging/labelling if intending to gift to friends/family

Please be aware that soap is classed as a cosmetic and you cannot sell, donate or gift it to the general public without complying with the very lengthy legislation. You can however give it to close friends and family and use it yourself of course.

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