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Teens & Tweens Make Your Own Spa Products

Wednesday 9th August 2 spaces

Come and learn how to make your own non greasy sugar scrub, luxurious body butter and 'wake me up' shower steamers using natural and eco certified ingredients . 

In this 2 hour workshop we will be making the following and you will also have the recipes to take home too.

  • An emulsified shower scrub which is made with moisturising butters and oils but won't leave the shower like an ice skating rink - choose your own scent/colour
  • A whipped body butter which is true luxury product made with a triple butter formula. Choose your own scent/colour.
  • Menthol shower steamers which are a bit like bath bombs but you pop one in the shower with you and the menthol will wake you up and clear your head. Great for hay fever sufferers or if you have a cold too.

Cold drinks and biscuits available halfway through. 

How it works.

These are for 11 plus but I do appreciate that confidence and abilities vary greatly between individuals so flexibility is the name of the game. Making products is a little like baking and does involve following a recipe and being able to weigh accurately plus listening carefully at times. I have not set an upper limit as I know there are plenty of 14/15 year olds out there who would love this too. Over 16? Why not get a group of 3 /4/5 friends together and book a private class? I would love to see you.

You are more than welcome to come along with your child, if you would like to make products too you will need to book a paying space. If you are coming along as company for your son/daughter there is no charge and I am sure I can rustle up a tea or coffee too :)

After booking you will receive a download with a request to drop me a quick email giving me a few details for safeguarding and to make sure your child is kept safe and well whilst in my care. The usual information,  allergies/emergency contact details etc and also if you are accompanying your child as a helper (so I can make sure I have enough seating)

If you have any questions at all please do drop me an email to hello@thesoapcoach.co.uk Keri

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